Internet Filtering for Children

As technology grows and progresses, our knowledge of how to regulate it changes as well. When thinking about children accessing the internet, there really isn’t a line for what should be accessible and what should not, it is really up to parent’s preference.

When I was young, the only way to access the internet was my family’s desktop computer in our living room. This way, my parents could easily regulate what I had access to and what I didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to access YouTube for awhile, and I remember when many of my friends got Facebook accounts and I wasn’t allowed to have one.I have a brother who is nine years old and living in a completely different tech world. He has access to the internet in so many forms, his favorite being the iPad, and it is largely unregulated. This may also be because he is the fourth and youngest child in the family, but whatever the case, there is a huge difference.

I believe that the internet should be regulated for kids with social media accounts. I’m not sure we should draw the line at a specific age because, of course, every child is different. Parents know their child and know how much experience they have with the internet. It is important to teach children internet safety and how to protect their privacy online. I think that once they understand this, they will not need a regulated internet anymore and parents can judge when this shift occurs.

By “regulated internet,” I don’t mean that parents should be looking over their child’s shoulder all the time either. Just asking them questions like who they’re interacting with on the internet, what kind of content they are viewing, and what they are posting. This is important to ensure that they learn how to be a safe internet user.

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