The History of Net Neutrality and how People View it.

Net neutrality can be thought as a two lane high way; one lane represents cable providers and the other represents internet services. Cable wire is something that people own do decide what channels they want on that wire. The internet wire is where all your data online can be accessed. The person who owns this has complete control of what they can do on the internet. If net neutrality is put in placed all data on the internet would be controlled. Without net neutrality companies like Netflix would have to pay extra money in order for people to be able to reach their content.

History of net neutrality

Having an open internet is important because there is no blocking of any information, there is also no throttling allowed which would make your internet service slower. With open internet information across the web is free to access without any finical needs.


This is a video is of a Saint Joseph’s Student giving his opinion on net neutrality.

Net Neutrality Rules Not in Place: How it Affects Gammers 

If you are a gammer and want to download games at a fast speed like X-box and Play Station you will have to pay more money for these benefits. So gammers will have to pay more money for fast speeds and low latency. Internet Service Providers (IPS) could also charge gaming companies like X-box and Play Station extra money to provide service in the fast lane.

In short, net neutrality classifies the internet as a utility to which people have equal and open access. The FCC published its rule that repeals net neutrality in the federal registration. Over all, weather or not to keep net neutrality or not is an opinion that can go both ways. In order to completely understand we as active wen users have to weigh the pros and cons.

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